Wanderlust, that urge to roam the world and experience everything it has to offer, is such a powerful and fundamentally human trait. Nurtured over years, this urge builds up into an ideal. Travel is inextricably associated with adventure, risk, uncertainty, exploration, immersion into foreign cultures, repeated exposure to beauty, personal growth, the discovery of one’s own limits, the promise of change, of breaking clean with what frustrates or limits us. Before we set out on our own trip around the world, Anaïs and I have always sought the accounts of travelers as a primer to what we hoped to accomplish. Having just recently returned from an extended period of traveling, we now have a natural inclination to share our experiences with those who might feel that same urge.

The journal and pictures that follow are for us to remember. They are for our friends and family to go deeper into what it felt like to be where we were, when we were there. They are for others, who yearn to embark on a similar trip, to learn from our experience and hopefully be slightly less daunted by the enterprise — because one thing to note, is that it is not as difficult as one might imagine.

Concretely, this site offers an eclectic mix of illustrated topics: the logistical ins and outs of organizing a trip around the world on one hand; and the accounts of our travels on the other. These logs are not in-depth analyses of any given nation, nor are they objective depictions of those countries. Rather, they are diaries and snapshots of disparate styles, often mundane in nature, which form a modest collection of what struck us the most about each location we visited.

This journal ends with some thoughts about the process of traveling, and with musings on what the world has taught us.